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Xanax overdose:symptoms and treatment

Xanax is triazole derivative – benzodiazepine, which exerts anxiolytic effects, reducing anxiety, fear and stress.
Xanax Overdose
Moreover, Xanax has antidepressant activity, working as central muscle relaxant and mild soporific.

If you take Xanax, be sure always consult with your doctor, in order to avoid complications while treatment or after drug cancelation. Take the right dose as it is prescribed exactly for you. If it has happened that you have overdosed with Xanax, call emergency help.

Xanax overdose symptoms – drowsiness, ataxia and general lethargy. Such conditions are particularly dangerous in patients receiving Xanax in combination with other psychoactive drugs and alcohol.

So, Xanax overdose rarely leads to serious consequences, except when taking concomitant drugs or alcohol.

Xanax overdose treatment:
  • In case of overdose, call an ambulance.
  • First make a gastric lavage, and induce vomiting, then, if necessary, take drugs that restore the activity of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Xanax - a good product, designed for quick removal of anxiety and fear. Like any tranquilizer, it is issued by prescription in specialized pharmacies. Online pharmacies usually provide Xanax without prescription.